Do It Yourself – Build A Toy Box

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There are few joys that surpass watching children play with their playthings. It is usually the aftermath that are difficult to deal with. It is made of an assortment of dolls trucks, mini cooking sets, blocks and lots of other unrecognizable items that make a bunch of sounds when stepped on from being left on the floor. When it becomes time to teach children to clean up their own toys and put them away, parents will require the right tools to encourage them. A toy box or toy chest is just the thing. These are simple wooden boxes made with a lid that are available in a range of sizes that youngsters can put their toys in when playtime is finshed. A great project for parents can be building a toy box for their kids. This guide will help.

How To Build A Toy Box

Required tools and materials

Two 1 x 10 boards, 4 feet long

One 1 x 8 board, 6 feet long

3/4″ thick Plywood or particleboard,

Three hinges with screws that open past 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees

Six 2 1/2″, double-wide corner braces with screws


Satin polyurethane spray finish

Wood glue

Handsaw or Circular saw



Four plate thick, soft rope (for handles)

4 bun feet

4 felt pads (to go under the feet)

10 brackets

Tape measure


Step one: Cut out the pieces for the toy box

Using tape measure, Measure and tag 135 inches on the 2 1 x 10 boards that are 4 feet long and cut with the saw. What will remain are 2 1 x 10 in pieces 34 long and 2 1×10 pieces 135 inches long.

Cut the particle board to 32.5 x 135 inches or have it done for you at a lumberyard.

Create the double lid in this design by cutting the 1 x 8 board directly down the middle.

Step two: assemble the cut pieces

On a level surface, screw six corner braces in to position, 2 on the every one of the long sides and one on each of the two shorter sides that will be the bottom of the toy box.

Attach the 32.5 x 135 inch particle board with the other sides of the braces.

Step three: Add the lids

Screw the six trap hinges into position. The lids will swing so that they lie directly against both sides of the box when open for easy access to playthings.

Step four: Disassemble, sand add holes for handles

This is to apply the finishes and paint without getting any on the braces, screws and hinges. Take all of these off and place them aside.

Sand all the pieces of wood smooth to prevent splinters later

Drill two 1/2″ or 5/8″ diameter holes in each end of the box to be used for handles

Step five: Put On finish

Spray a clear polyurethane finish on the wood, interior and exterior. If you want to paint the box another colour or add other designs, do this before the polyurethane finish is applied.

Step six:

When the finish is dry reassemble the box, using wood glue to reinforce all the corners. Be sure not to apply wood glue to the lid.

Thread heavy, soft rope through from the outside, tying overhand knots on the interior.

Step seven: Add the feet and complete

Attach the feet 2 inches from both the length and width edge of the box. Screw downwards from the inside of the box. Add furniture glides to allow movement and prevent damage to wood floors.

Your toy box is ready to use!

Tips and warnings:

Apply polyurethane spray in an open area using masks and goggles.

Also use masks and goggles when sanding and drilling.

Let’s learn how to build a toy box for your kids at home.