Do It Yourself – Build A Wrestling Ring

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Wrestling is a sport that has gotten really popular in modern times. Especially with programs like RAW which features different wrestlers that people have come to know and love, more and more people are growing interested in watching and even taking part in wrestling.

Wrestling is done in a wrestling ring that is specially designed to reduce injury to wrestlers. Schools and gyms will often have wrestling rings or soft pads that can be used for wrestling but a wrestling ring really is not that difficult to construct. Constructing one does call for several various kinds of materials though so be prepared to spend a bit to get all the pieces you need. But you can cut costs if you can get the various parts second hand.

Therefore if you are interested in building a wrestling ring, here is what you will need to do.

How To Build A Wrestling Ring

Required Tools
Post hole digger
Tape measure

Required Materials
Metal posts (4 inches in diameter)
Wood planks
Nuts and washers
Eye Hooks
Mattress pads (2-3 inches thick)

First choose a level, debris-free spot for your wrestling ring. The ring ought to be a minimum of 8×8 feet in size if you are strapped for space however, if you have sufficient space make it no less than 12×12. Use the tape measure to lay out the dimensions of your wrestling wring and then get started.

The metal posts should be about 7 feet in height. Use the post hole digger to make 4 holes at the 4 corners of your wrestling ring, each 3 feet deep. Cement the poles into the holes and permit them to set; 4 feet of the pole ought to be above ground.

Use the hammer and nails to link the wood planks to make a base for the wrestling ring making sure that the planks are exactly in line with the metal posts. Use the mattresses or cushions to fill up the remainder of base and then place plywood on top and use the screws to secure the plywood to the base. Alternately you can place tires within the base and then place the mattresses and plywood on top of these for extra padding.

On top of the plywood put the mattress pads or some other soft layer so that wrestlers do not injure themselves by falling on just the plywood. Lay canvas/tarpaulin on top of the mattress pads and sew, tape, tie, or staple the edges down as tightly as you can to keep the canvas/tarpaulin from shifting around.

Now on the outside face of the 4 metal posts drill a few holes, one underneath the other (about 3 in all) and use nuts and washers to place an eyehook in each hole. Put the turnbuckles in the eyehooks and run the rope/bungee cord right around the ring to function as the ropes for your wrestling ring. Use the foam (or thick pillows) to cover all of the metal posts to prevent injury and your wrestling ring is ready for use.

Tips and Warnings
To prevent rope burn when wrestlers lean against the ropes of the ring, wrap the ropes with duct tape.

Test the ring thoroughly prior to using it, including the ring ropes, tarp and turnbuckles to make sure that all parts are stable and secure. Run around in the ring to guarantee that it can sustain your weight.

If you intend to have viewers around your wrestling ring, make sure the area you choose for the ring is large enough to accommodate them comfortably.

Do not attempt any professional wrestling moves unless you are trained to do so as mistakes can cause injury to yourself or another other wrestler.

Here is more information on how to build a wrestling ring.